i feel like this is something you would watch a few thundred times in a row taylorswift

try looking at this while listening to OOTW. I’ve been laughing for the past five minutes.

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taylorswift: “WELCOME TO NEW YORK!”

Me: I’m on my way!

To move the furniture

so we could dance

I just bought a Cottage Cheese with expiration date set to october 27 and went like “27th. HOLY. SHIT.”

Then there was this hot guy behind me most likely planning his escape route:

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Taylor Swift on singing with Prince William and Jon Bon Jovi.

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The part on Graham Norton where they talk about fans and dying is the funniest thing ever. I was laughing so hard my mom thought I was dying and she ran into my room going: “WHAT IS HAPPENING?! ARE YOU OK?”.


"They’re amazing! I love them so much cause they always talk about dying. REST IN PEACE ME. RIP ME. I DIED. DEAD." (x)

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Los Angeles, Nashville, New York, Watch Hill, London - 1989 Secret Sessions.

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Taylor dancing along to Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” on The Graham Norton Show

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“I would go online, I would look at their instagram pages, or their tumblr, or their twitter, or whatever and um I just kinda watch them for months and months.”

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i LOVE taylor smith! my favourite songs of hers are shake it up and we belong together (:

I love Hey John :)

back to november gets me every time

don’t forget let’s get back together

i think bye steven was my favorite though 

Guys, Not Too Well is a MASTERPIECE.

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